All About SureSmile

All About SureSmile
Posted on 06/13/2016

familyAt Jacobson & Tsou Orthodontics, we strive to make orthodontic treatment as effective, comfortable, and convenient as possible. For many patients, that means working to make traditional metal braces meet their unique orthodontic needs and lifestyles.

But while traditional metal braces are still the most popular treatment we offer, they aren't the only game in town that our orthodontists utilize. Advances in orthodontic technology have created new forms of orthodontic treatment that are more accurate and effective than ever before.

A More Advanced Form of Braces

If you've talked to friends and family about braces, you probably know they're a long-term commitment with a treatment time that can last anywhere between six months to three years. But a new alternative to braces, SureSmile, is making treatment with braces faster and easier.

SureSmile takes advantage of the latest developments in dental technology to deliver orthodontic treatment with unparalleled speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Each SureSmile archwire is precision-shaped, creating a more precise treatment that moves teeth directly to the ideal position. This precise, smooth movement creates exceptional results. You will achieve your new smile with less time in braces and fewer trips to our Chicago or Vernon Hills office.

Ultimately, only your orthodontist can decide if SureSmile is right for you. But, because the technology is so adaptable, the vast majority of patients are eligible to receive it. If you’d like to find out how SureSmile can improve your smile, make an appointment and we’ll perform a detailed evaluation and consultation.

Contact Your Chicago & Vernon Hills Orthodontists

Ready to find out how SureSmile can make orthodontic treatment easy and convenient? We'd love to get you started. Feel free to call us at (773) 545-5333 for our Chicago office or (847) 816-0633 for our Vernon Hills office. You can also use our contact page to reach out to either of our two offices. We can't wait to hear from you, and look forward to helping you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile.